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Pearl Holt believes in helping her community, youth, and volunteering. This selfless dedication earned her recognition as a Northern Electric finalist in the second annual regional Who Powers You contest.

“Pearl works with youth in 4-H, at the Aberdeen Area Horseman’s Association, and at her Church. She is an active member of the Brown County Fair Foundation, which supports and promotes the Fairgrounds. Pearl is also a volunteer at SPURS Therapeutic Riding Center, and she helps take care of the horses and special projects, including the organization’s “Barn Dance” fundraiser. In addition, she can also helps at the Special Olympics, wrote JoAnn Williams, who nominated Pearl for the contest.
“Pearl is a person who gives her time, talents, and energy to help youth and organizations in the community,” stated JoAnn. “There are many other benefits and individuals in the area, and community Pearl has dedicated her time and efforts to helping. They are too numerous to list. Where there is a benefit being hosted or a need, she jumps in and does whatever needs to be done.”

Who Powers You is an exciting contest hosted by the region’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives to highlight local figures making a difference in their communities. Pearl has a passion for horses and helping people. In retirement, combining these passions in her volunteer work center around great organizations she wants to give back to. “I feel like I have some time to give,” said Pearl. “Volunteering my time to a phenomenal organization like SPURS, the Brown County Fair, and the Open Horse Shows are all organizations that are very meaningful to me.”

Pearl encourages others to find their passion, look out into their community, and share that passion with others. “Giving to others will give back to you more than you are giving to someone else.” “When I heard about the nomination, I was very humbled and honored someone took the initiative to do this for me,” said Pearl. “Everywhere I work or volunteer at, I am alongside other great volunteers. If you have the heart for volunteering, the people you work with are above and beyond the best people in the community.

Pearl’s story was featured on Keloland Living on April 20, 2023. A recap of the segment is also available on the contest’s webpage at Member owners, employees, and citizens who live or work within the service territory of the region’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are eligible to be nominated for the Who Powers You contest. Three final winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on the impact that they have on the community. Weekly finalists will be announced and featured on Keloland Living and the three contest winners will be announced on Keloland Living on May 25, 2023. The Who Powers You contest grand prize winner will receive a $3,000 prize. A second-place winner will receive $1,500, and the contest’s third-place winner will receive $500.