For a quick explanation about electric demand please view this video:

Load Management

Load management, or demand response, refers to the control of various consumer electric loads during times of peak demand on the electric system. Northern Electric Cooperative is able to reduce wholesale power purchases by managing loads from appliances like air conditioners and water heaters so they are not all on at the same time. This management of connected electric loads saves money and resources for the cooperative and its members.

The load management system of the co-op's wholesale power supplier, East River Electric Power Cooperative, has been operating since 1985 and has saved electric cooperative members more than $188 million in avoided wholesale power costs. More than 75,000 different electric loads at homes, farms, and businesses throughout eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota are connected to the system. These loads include electric water heaters, air conditioners, grain bin fans, and irrigation systems. Northern Electric members willing to put electric loads under load management are eligible for special rebates and electric rates.

Control is initiated monthly through a highly sophisticated system which communicates with control receivers connected to the various loads. East River operates the system on behalf of its member systems to moderate wholesale power costs, improve system efficiencies, and provide member-consumers with energy options. Text message or email notifications are available for load control times.

Please contact a Northern Electric Cooperative member services representative at 605-225-0310 for more information or to enroll in the program.