Winter Safety Tips

Snow can bury electrical equipment and create a dangerous situation for plow operators. 

Winter Safety Tips

  • When plowing, avoid electrical cabinets, poles, wires, and other equipment. Winter presents additional challenges to utility workers as well as additional hazards for home and business owners.

  • Be aware of electrical equipment and power lines, noting the locations of electrical cabinets, poles, and wires before the snow gets too deep.

  • Mark electrical equipment near driveways and sidewalks with flags or posts to avoid hitting the equipment with a plow when the snow gets deep. 

  • Shovel by hand around power equipment.

  • Never touch a downed power line

  • Always assume fallen power lines are energized.

  • Stay away from a downed power line and any nearby objects it may be touching, such as a fence or a tree limb.

  • Never touch a person or object that is in direct or indirect contact with a downed power line. Instead, call 911 immediately.

  • Never attempt to move a downed power line.

  • Contact Northern Electric Cooperative at 605-225-0310 or call 911 immediately to report downed power lines.

Stay warm and safe this winter!

Together, we’re Re-Energizing Safety.