Power Line Safety

Accidentally contacting a power line can be dangerous and even deadly.

Keep A Safe Distance

Whether you are playing outdoors with your children or working on landscaping projects, keep a safe distance from power lines and other equipment Northern Electric uses to get electricity to your home.

Always remember to:

  • Stay away from power lines, meters, transformers, and electrical boxes.
  • Do not climb trees near power lines.
  • Never fly kites, remote control airplanes, drones, or balloons near power lines.
  • If you get something stuck in a power line, call Northern Electric Cooperative at 1-800-529-0310.
  • Stay 10 feet from overhead power lines when working with ladders or installing objects such as antennas. 
  • Never touch or go near a downed power line.
  • Do not touch anything that may be touching a downed line, such as a car.
  • Keep children and pets away.

Always call 811 to have underground power lines located before you start a digging or landscaping project around your home, farm, or business.