From hot water heaters to irrigation systems, Northern Electric Cooperative offers rebates that will save members money on products that can help them save time and energy.

Electric Water Heater Rebates

Replace existing electric unit*

$8 / gallon

Construction of new home WITHOUT electric heat*

$8 / gallon

Construction of new home WITH electric heat*

$10 / gallon

Conversion from gas or propane*

$10 / gallon

Residential Water Heaters

  • All residential water heaters must be lifetime warranty units, minimum 50 gallons, and connected to the load management system to qualify for any associated rebates and credits.
  • Only one residential water heater rebate can be redeemed per structure every 10 years. 
  • Homeowners may also be eligible for a $6 per month bill credit for having a water heater connected to load management.
  • Members may purchase a qualified unit from Northern Electric Cooperative, or any vendor, contractor, or installer and receive the rebate with a valid receipt.

*All residential Marathon electric water heaters must be registered online within 90 days of installation to receive a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the water heater is not registered within the time frame an automatic 10-year limited warranty will apply to the new appliance.


Commercial Water Heaters

  • Commercial water heaters must have a 10-year warranty, be connected to the load management system, and be a minimum of 50 gallons to receive a rebate.
  • Commercial water heaters can be purchased through any vendor, contractor, or installer. A valid receipt must be presented to Northern Electric Cooperative to receive a rebate on commercial water heaters.
  • Businesses may also be eligible for a $6 per month bill credit for having a qualifying water heater connected to load management.
  • Northern Electric Cooperative DOES NOT sell commercial water heaters.


Single Family Residential Heating Incentives

  • Electric Heat Rebate: Northern Electric offers a $600 cash rebate for the installation of a two ton or larger ground source or air source heat pump. Heat pump equipment must meet the Department of Energy (DOE) manufacturing standard for HSPF efficiency. *Minimum 10 kW electric resistance backup required for air source rebate
  • Special Electric Heat Rate: A special heat rate is available for members with electric heating systems. Visit the Electric Heat Rate page to learn about the requirements to receive this special rate.

Commercial System Heating Incentives

  • Geothermal and air-source heat pumps - $50 / ton capacity
  • Resistance heat installations - $10 / kW (600 kW maximum)

Irrigation Incentives

A $750 rebate is available to irrigators who install a third-party irrigation management system on their pivots. Third-party irrigation management systems can provide information to irrigators on their smart devices and allow producers to start, stop, and monitor their pivots remotely. Irrigators must be enrolled in the Northern Electric load management program to qualify for the rebate. Text message and email notifications are available for load-control times.

Please call a Northern Electric Member Services Representative at 605-225-0310 for details on qualifying third-party irrigation management systems.

Grain Bin Manager Incentive

A $750 rebate is available to farm operators who install third-party grain bin management systems that can integrate with the co-op's load-management system. Third-party grain bin management systems are designed to provide data about grain storage and optimize grain drying. These systems can also be integrated with the Northern Electric and East River Electric Power Cooperative load-management system. Farms that install a third-party grain bin management system will receive a $750 rebate for every bin manager that replaces a load-control receiver.

Please call a Northern Electric Member Services Representative at 605-225-0310 for details on qualifying third-party grain bin management systems.

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Northern Electric Cooperative members must be in good standing with the co-op in order to receive rebates and incentives. Please contact a Northern Electric member services representative at 605-225-0310 to request more information or to apply for the rebates listed above.