Setting Up SmartHub

1. Find SmartHub Sign-In Area

Look for the SmartHub sign-in area on the top of the home page of  

SmartHub Login Screen

2. Click On 'New User'

Click on the 'New User' hyperlink. A 'New User Registration' page will appear and you will have to enter your ACCOUNT NUMBER, LAST NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS.

New Registration Window

3. Security Question

Once you have entered your information you will be asked a security question like your BILLING ZIP CODE, or your LAST BILL AMOUNT.

Security Question Screen

4. Change Password

You will be emailed a temporary password. Copy and paste the temporary password and enter it in the login area. You will be directed to create your own password.

Change Password Screen

5. You Are Now Logged In

After creating your new password you will be logged into your new SmartHub account.

Main SmartHub Home Screen

6. Set Up Auto Pay

To set up automatic payments and charges to your credit card or checking account click on the 'Billing & Payments' tab and then 'Auto Pay Program.'

Auto Pay screen

7. Congratulations!

You have successfully set up your new SmartHub account and now you can easily pay your statements, track your electric use, and manage your account online.

SmartHub logo