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Rebates & Incentives


Members must be in good standing with Northern Electric Cooperative in order to qualify and receive benefits through our marketing program.

Water Heater Rebates:

Replacement of existing electric units*                                                          $8.00/gal.

Conversion from fossil fuel (gas/propane)*                                                   $10.00/gal.

Construction of new 'All Electric' home* with air-source heat pump              $10.00/gal.

Construction of new home WITHOUT electric heat*                                     $8.00/gal.


*Note: All water heaters must be lifetime warranty units, minimum 50 gallons, and connected to the Load Management System to qualify for any associated rebates and credits. Members may purchase a qualified unit from Northern Electric Cooperative, or any vendor, contractor, or installer and receive the rebate with a valid receipt.

**Starting November 1, 2015, all Marathon electric residential water heaters (Models MR, MHD, MTS) must be registered online within 90 days of installation to receive a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the water heater is not registered within the time frame an automatic 10-year limited warranty will apply to the new appliance. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER WATER HEATERS  



Residential Heating System Incentives - (single family):

Northern Electric offers members a five percent interest loan for 84 months to cover the cost of installing new air source or geothermal heat pumps with minimum ratings of 8.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Air source heat pumps must have a minimum 10KW electric resistance back-up. MAXIMUM LOAN AMOUNT IS $10,000. Ductwork, wiring, and labor can be included in the loan. A credit application must be filled out and approved before loan payment can be received.

AND/OR: A $600 cash rebate is available for the installation of a two ton or larger ground source or air source heat pump with a minimum 8.5 HSPF rating. Air source heat pumps must have a minimum 10KW electric resistance back-up for rebate.

Northern Electric Cooperative offers an electric heat rate for 240-volt electric space heating equipment. Installation must meet minimum size requirements. 120-volt heaters do not qualify. Call Northern Electric at 605-225-0310 for details on other voltages. 


Commercial Heating System Incentives:

  • Geothermal and air-source heat pumps* - $50.00/ton capacity
  • Resistance heat installations - $10/KW (there is a 600 KW maximum)



Third-Party Irrigation Management Rebate:

A $750 rebate is available to irrigators who install a third-party irrigation management system on their pivots. Third-party irrigation management systems can provide information to irrigators on their smart devices and allow producers to start, stop, and monitor their pivots remotely. Irrigators must be enrolled in the Northern Electric load management program to qualify for the rebate. Text message and email notifications are available for load control times.

Please call a Northern Electric Member Services Representative at 605-225-0310 for details on qualifying third-party irrigation management systems.



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